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Continuous weekly service to the hardwood industry since 1922.

HMR is an information company focused exclusively on the hardwood products industry. The company and its flagship publication, Hardwood Market Report® were established in 1922 and have been providing continuous service to the industry since then. 

Hardwood Market Report® is a weekly publication that delivers benchmark pricing and market commentary on North American hardwood lumber and the hardwood products industry. It’s primary mission is to help subscribers make sound business decisions by providing the best and most reliable pricing and market information available.

HMR also produces two monthly publications, HMR Executive® and HMR Import NewsletterTM. HMR Executive® picks up where Hardwood Market Report® ends by exploring ideas and issues that have potential to alter North American hardwood lumber supply and demand. HMR Import NewsletterTM is North America’s only publication dedicated specifically to accurate pricing and market information for imported hardwood lumber.

HMR has additional information resources available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Included among them are articles produced for national and international trade publications, presentations conducted for industry trade groups, the Forest Information Center on this website, and Hardwood Wizard®.

Who Uses HMR Resources?

Because it is the authoritative source, Hardwood Market Report® attracts a broad range of subscribers. This publication is a tool designed to aid buyers and sellers conducting business for hardwood lumber, Oak strip flooring, and industrial timbers. Hardwood Market Report® is used by primary and secondary manufacturers, logging contractors, foresters, landowners, investment firms, government agencies, and academic institutions.


Who Uses HMR Executive®?

The mainstay of HMR Executive® is providing critical information and authoritative perspectives on North American hardwood markets that simply are not available elsewhere. In this respect, HMR Executive® is a valuable resource to anyone directly or indirectly involved in North American hardwood business.


Who Uses HMR Import NewsletterTM?

HMR Import NewsletterTM benchmark pricing and insightful analysis are vital tools for companies that import, distribute, or consume temperate and tropical hardwoods. Detailed data tables, creative graphics, and astute commentary convey meaningful market intelligence to readers effectively. This latest member of the HMR family of publications connects with a wide audience in a highly targeted marketplace.


Our Staff

The hardwood marketplace is complex. Recognizing and understanding variables in business require knowledge that only comes from experience. Each member of the HMR editorial staff has been directly involved in hardwood businesses that range from the woods to finished goods. This is your assurance that the collection, analysis, and processing of market information are performed accurately and professionally.

HMR will continue efforts to enhance the quality of information reported, as well as provide any additional information that may be valuable to subscribers. We are also committed to improving the accessibility of the HMR, through the internet across multiple platforms.

HMR staff is constantly broadening and improving information gathering and personal analysis processes. Time and resources are dedicated to establishing even more contacts with individuals and companies involved in production, sales, and the purchase of hardwoods.

The basis of pricing and market information not only includes personal contacts, but also incorporates documentation of purchase orders, sales acknowledgments, and invoices for transactions. Because the information shared with the HMR is sensitive, our contacts are assured that all communications and data are handled with the highest degree of confidentiality. It is our firm policy that HMR will not forecast prices based on this privileged information.



Hardwood Market Report® provides the most reliable source of pricing information available for truckload and greater quantities of North American hardwood lumber, cants, crossties, board road, and Oak strip flooring. In addition, Hardwood Market Report® has the most extensive historical pricing database in the world.

Added to North American hardwood lumber pricing data are benchmark prices for selective imported tropical species in HMR Import NewsletterTM.



Hardwood Market Report® offers the most complete market commentary on current conditions and trends available to the hardwood industry. The Report covers individual North American hardwood species on a weekly basis, including green, air dried, and kiln dried lumber activity, as well as pallet lumber, cants, crossties, board road, and Oak strip flooring.

As with hardwood prices, HMR Import NewsletterTM analyzes market conditions and trends for tropical and temperate hardwood species in a meaningful presentation. HMR Executive® also looks deeply into market drivers and key performance indicators relevant to hardwood business.



HMR understands the significance of the international marketplace. Our publications are circulated throughout North America and around the globe. With our broad international base, subscribers can be assured of the most up-to-date information affecting the hardwood industry worldwide. The future will see HMR devote even more time and space to the international marketplace.



Each month, Hardwood Market Report® provides a condensed look at historical prices for key species and grades of lumber and oak strip flooring. The tables for Comparative Lumber Prices are divided into three producing regions, Southern, Appalachian, and Northern, and cover both green and kiln dried prices. Subscribers can track historical trends by comparing current prices to those from the preceding three months, and follow through at six month, one year, and two year intervals for lumber and 5 year intervals for flooring.

Comparative flooring prices cover Southern and Appalachian producing regions for the same time periods. While the material is not designed to predict future prices, these monthly features offer informative looks of past price movement that are quick and easy to use.



Subscribers are better prepared for the decision-making process when equipped with statistical information from key market segments. Government figures for exports and business trends for the Furniture, Cabinet, and Flooring industries can offer tremendous insight into what has been taking place in the market, and why. Hardwood Market Report® publishes these statistics each month as they are made available from official agencies, associations, and proprietary resources. Information is included in related sections for international commentary, strip flooring, and comments for individual species. Without question, this information can be invaluable.



Government statistics for private housing construction expenditures and permits, starts and completions are commonly used to gauge hardwood activity. Many members of the industry consider these statistics as a barometer for current and future business that may develop for housing-related market segments – Furniture, Cabinets, Flooring, Millwork and others. While HMR neither endorses, nor rejects this as an accurate method of projecting activity, the information can be beneficial to subscribers.



HMR publications offer a forum for industry leaders and experts to comment on issues affecting the marketplace. The authors and the institutions they represent are well recognized, highly respected, and have made vast contributions to the business community. Government, academic, and trade studies encompassing a wide range of relevant topics have already been published. More are to come.

Ours is a changing world and a changing marketplace. As technology advances, global markets shift and emerge, and regulatory issues continue to challenge the hardwood industry, there is a critical need for analysis and opinions from experts.



HMR publications are available to subscribers anywhere in the world through our website. As a benefit of your subscription, you have immediate access to complete pricing information, market commentary, and advertising seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Hardwood Market Report® can be viewed in its entirety or in part through any Internet provider or online service and across all platforms



Being the most authoritative source of pricing and market information also makes HMR your best choice for advertising. Although this service is a secondary function of the newsletters, advertisers can be assured of reaching a large and highly targeted audience through Hardwood Market Report®, HMR Executive®, and HMR Import NewsletterTM. HMR brand and publications have an established reputation for results – advertising venues that are cost effective for any company of any size by reaching decision-makers worldwide.

Each advertisement in the print version of Hardwood Market Report® is included in the electronic version at no extra cost. Being online with Hardwood Market Report® means your ad is available to current and potential new customers around the clock and around the world. Both HMR Executive® and HMR Import NewsletterTM publications are digital only.

There are additional benefits from advertising with Hardwood Market Report® – free online features that other companies want to charge for. To start, your advertisement will be indexed by products and services offered or wanted and listed in alphabetical order for immediate name recognition for your company. From there, your ad is linked directly to its corresponding page in the report. If your company has an e-mail address or website, your listing will also be linked, providing greater opportunity to communicate with customers. In all HMR publications, email and web addresses included in ads are linked to speed customer contact.

If you would like to place an advertisement in Hardwood Market Report®, HMR Executive®, or HMR Import NewsletterTM, please contact Brian at 901-767-9126 or email him at brian@hmr.com. He will be happy to assist you with your ad layout and pricing information. If you are already an advertiser in HMR publications and are interested in listing lumber items for sale in the Hardwood Wizard® search engine, David can assist you with that also.

Click here for more information about advertising and to view our Media Kit.



For the advertiser:

Hardwood Wizard® is a powerful search engine formatted specifically for the hardwood marketplace by HMR – the industry brand name synonymous with hardwoods.

Hardwood Wizard® search engine features are restricted to companies engaged in hardwood lumber business lumber. This means advertisers’ names and products are focused on a highly targeted customer base … your customer base! As a Hardwood Wizard® advertiser, you have complete administrative control of the account. You have unlimited online access and unlimited product listings.

Links can be established for prospective customers to contact your designated sales personnel. Your advertising then becomes interactive and streamlines the sales process. Your company profile is also available for prospective customers to download and print for reference when planning future purchases.

Hardwood Wizard® is a low cost and highly effective means to increase your market reach worldwide. Please call or email for more information on how Hardwood Wizard® can help improve your business.


Product searches:

Hardwood Wizard® is a powerful business tool that can help you manage inventory and meet production and sales objectives more effectively. A tool that makes filling in for unexpected shortfalls in deliveries or unforeseen changes in raw material requirements much faster and easier than ever before. Hardwood Wizard® is another free user service from HMR.

Access to current, extensive lists of lumber and other forest products offered for sale.

  • A fast and accurate tool returning fast and accurate results … helps you find the items you need when you need them.
  • Unlimited searches – anytime and anywhere Internet service is available.
  • Choice of products from a wide range of companies that are known throughout the industry.
  • Options for contacting individual sellers immediately through email and printing the company’s information page for future reference.
  • Assurance that all searches are completely confidential! Users can browse as much as they like without any risk of being tracked or spammed with unsolicited responses from advertisers! Users must initiate contact with advertisers about items of interest, which saves time and annoyance for all parties involved. Absolutely no lists of users are compiled, shared, or sold!



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