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Hardwood Market Report®, HMR Executive®, and HMR Import Newsletterare vital business tools used by industry decision-makers. They each share HMR corporate values, which are credibility, reliability, and global market reach. Yet, each publication has purpose for reaching its audience.

Hardwood Market Report® is the HMR flagship publication. It provides benchmark pricing and market commentary for North American hardwoods each week. It has done so without interruption since 1922. Hardwood Market Report® reaches hardwood companies of all sizes at each level of production, distribution, and consumption throughout the world.

HMR Executive® picks up where Hardwood Market Report® ends. It explores ideas and issues that have the potential to alter hardwood supply and demand. The mainstay of HMR Executive® is providing critical information and authoritative perspectives on North American hardwood markets that simply are not available anywhere else. This publication is a proven management resource used by hardwood businesses as well as allied industries.

HMR Import Newsletter is North America’s only publication dedicated specifically to accurate pricing and market information for imported hardwood lumber. Detailed data tables, creative graphics, and astute commentary convey meaningful business intelligence to readers effectively. This latest member of the HMR family of publications connects with a wide audience in a highly targeted marketplace.


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