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Northern Comments


All surveyed sales companies reported solid order files for kiln dried #1C&Btr Hard Maple. Some indicated #2A supplies are building, but no grades or thicknesses are overwhelming demand. It was also noted that premium color Hard Maple is performing better than Unselected or off color material. Information shows US hardwood secondary manufacturers are busy filling orders for the strong US and Canadian housing markets. Transactions point out higher pricing for kiln dried 4/4 Fas and 4/4 through 6/4 #1C, lifting the listings and noted range figures. Markets for green stocks are good, too. Mills and resellers are having no difficulty finding outlets for developing supplies. Reported prices were steady to slightly higher this week, though past increases have the Unselected #3A&Btr and #1&2 White #2A&Btr listings in order for now.


New home construction and remodeling are strong in the US and Canada, driving solid demand for hardwood finished goods. Soft Maple is one among many species benefitting from housing activity. There was a surge of Soft Maple reported transactions this week, with broad price gains for both green and kiln dried stocks. The green Sap&Btr 4/4 through 8/4 #2A&Btr listings are raised $20 for Fas&Sel, $15 for #1C, and $10 for #2A. The Unselected 4/4 #1C listing advances $15, with the 5/4 and 6/4 #1C figures gaining $20. In addition the 4/4 through 6/4 #2A listings climb $10. Markets for premium color kiln dried Soft Maple are better than for Unselected or off color material. The Sap&Btr 4/4 and 5/4 #2A&Btr figures are increased, as are the 6/4 and 8/4 #2A listings and ranges. No adjustments are warranted to the kiln dried Unselected numbers.


US, Canadian, and Mexican markets for this species are performing well. China and the greater Southeast Asian region are buying steady volumes of Red Oak, too. Demand is keeping kiln dried inventories thin for most grades and thicknesses. Information raises all of the kiln dried listings and ranges in this issue. Green Red Oak production has picked up this summer, even as mills work to keep whitewood log decks fresh. Developing supplies are marginally adequate to satisfy buyers’ requirements. Transactions point out a few higher prices for green stocks, but the #3A&Btr listings are in order for now.