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HMR is considering a few changes to the Report.
We would like your input. Please note whether you are in favor of the following changes or opposed. At the end of the survey is a box for any suggestions you might have. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Adding numerical price changes to the green matrix. (This would require removal of 1F and SEL. There would be a notation on the green listings pages that 1F is $10/M less than FAS and SEL is $20 less than FAS.)

Remove all FAS&1F Alone premiums

Move Southern Comments to Page 4

Green Appalachian matrix: Remove 6/4 Basswood

Green Appalachian matrix: Remove 8/4 Beech

Green Appalachian matrix: Add 4/4 #2B&Btr (Log Run) Hickory as a separate item

Green Appalachian matrix: Remove White Oak - WHND

Green Appalachian matrix: Change Cants to two subregions with N and S Appalachian listings and ranges

Green Appalachian matrix: Add Unsteamed to Walnut description

Kiln Dried Appalachian matrix:  Replace 9/4 Basswood with 8/4

Kiln Dried Appalachian matrix: Add Steamed to Walnut description

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