Webinar Invitation

As the US housing market stands at a pivotal crossroads, it’s time to look ahead and prepare for what’s coming.

Join us for a compelling webinar, “The US Housing Market: Still at a Crossroads,” scheduled for May 30th at 1pm EDT. This event will feature a panel of distinguished experts who are at the forefront of the North American housing industry.

Despite the headwinds in the second half of 2023, the new housing market adapted well to high-interest rates, thanks to builder rate buydowns. With rates above 6.5% for most of the year, a decrease is anticipated by late 2024, potentially leading to a stronger 2025 if labor markets stay stable.

Register today and discover how strong demographics and the potential for lower rates are shaping the market’s trajectory.

Our panel, featuring experts from Fastmarkets, CoreLogic, Mortgage Bank Association and the Dodge Construction Network, will offer critical insights into this ever-changing market.

Secure your place today and gain the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of the housing market with confidence. Register now.